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We have found the best way to evaluate our platform is through an on-line demonstration or quick discovery call. 

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Sun Bear Software
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CRM Database

Contact Profile & History
Segment & Manage Lists
Import & Export Data
System Integration
EMail Templates
Forms & Surveys
Landing Pages & Web Forms
Digital Collateral
Marketing Automation

Target Prospect Segments
Send Personalized Emails
Queue Outbound Calls
Automate Social Media Posts
Capture & Score Responses
Multi-Touch "Drip" Campaigns
Automated Responses & Alerts
Automated Work Flow
Sales Automation

Score & Qualify Leads
Assignment & Notification
Manage Leads
Schedule Next Actions
Contact Management
Pipeline Management
Sales Nurture Campaigns
Upsell / Crosssell
Reporting & Analysis

Web Page Performance
Query Tool
ROI Reports
Marketing Reports
Sales Reports
Campaign Performance
EMail Performance
All the tools to turn prospects into customers...

Optimize Marketing. Generate Leads. Close Sales.

Centralized Prospect Database
Automated Multi-Step Campaigns
Email Marketing
Outbound Call Management
Landing Pages
Web Tracking
Lead Scoring
Lead Management
Lead Nurturing
Dashboards and Reporting

Centralized CRM Database
Centralize all your marketing and sales data

Our platform provides access to your marketing and CRM database - all of the prospect data, collateral and automated workflow needed to create and maintain a centralized and actionable CRM database. ​ 

House all of your contacts, interactions, marketing content and analytics in a centralized web accessible platform. 

No more need to maintain multiple databases. Centralize all of your contacts and content!  ​ 
Marketing Automation
Automate inbound and outbound marketing activities

Sun Bear's campaign automation features allow organizations to easily create and execute personalized, automated “drip” campaigns that will automatically send emails or queue outbound calls based on the scheduled activity dates.

Sun Bear’s response management functionality allows organizations to manage inquires and responses to campaigns through the use of email responses, landing pages, web tracking, scoring, alerts and automated determination of next steps.

Sales Force Automation
Nurture, manage & close leads

Automatically qualify responses and assign and distribute qualified leads to sales. Alert sales of new leads.

Sales reps can gather information such as stage, value, close date, etc. 
and manage qualified leads though to closure.

Sales reps can schedule follow-up action such as meetings, phone calls and emails by date and time and receive automated email reminders before the scheduled action.
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